Friday, January 10, 2014

Before Bedtime Routine

I know what you are thinking, this post is going to be incredible boring but I will not be boring you with a description of when I shower and what toothpaste I use. But instead, I am sharing with y'all the last things I do before I turn my lights off. Some of these are old habits and some are new and hopeful habits. Me time is difficult to come by in college and I think right before I go to sleep is the perfect way to re-energize and re-focus my thoughts!

Before Bed Routine

1. Jesus Calling:

This is my third year of reading this devotion and it is simply amazing. Somehow it tells me exactly what I need to hear each night as if it were written specifically for me!

2. Every Day Memory: 

I have just started using this fabulous book to record my favorite memory of each day (see reason here). Whoever came up with this book is brilliant, it will last me five years and will be such a fun way to reflect from year to year and day to day. This is forcing me to be more positive! (see #13 and #4 here)

3. Love Does:

I have heard so many of positive things about this book and my roommate is reading it and loves it! It is all about discovering an incredible life in an ordinary world, again with the positive thoughts!

4. Chapstick, Hand lotion, and Lights Out:

Gotta moisturize! 

While this does seem like a lot to do and sleep depravation is ever-present I will be doing my very best to keep it up!


  1. I just started reading Love Does, and it's amazing so far! We'll have to chat once we've both finished it!

  2. I am currently reading Jesus Calling and I agree it is so uplifting and speaks to your heart.

  3. That's so cool that you have that routine before bed! You should do a "Day in the Life of..." post! ;-)


  4. Yay fellow South Carolinians!

    Chapstick before bed is literally the best thing ever. I hate waking up with awfully chapped lips.

  5. I read Jesus Calling last year as part of my morning routine! It's so great!

  6. I need to get back into the routine of reading before bed - I've been slacking and deciding to watch tv instead! Great post :)

    Belle //

  7. I haven't taken the time to read before I go to bed in forever it seems like. I definitely want to check out love does though and start reading again.


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