Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poppin Desk Organizing

As I am sure many of you are well aware, I LOVE ORGANIZING! I mean I write an article each month in the Smart Girls Guide called Organization Station. Whether it applies to school supplies, my room, or even blogposts, I am a big fan of all things organized! One of my favorite parts of organization includes the supplies used. Recently I found the cutest organizational supply company, I am talking better than the Container Store cute! This new site is called Poppin. The motto is to Work Happy and that is just what I will be doing with these precious new desk accessories!

When I opened up the box this is what I saw, how fun is it that they incorporated a staple remover on the box insert?

And look at these boxes, the color of the box translates to the color of the product which is a fun extra and unexpected detail!

I got an Aqua Inbox that looks great on the corner of my desk! I find it convenient to store some colored printer paper as well as my agenda and a pink Poppin ruler! On the top of the Inboxes I placed a pink Small Tray which holds an aqua stapler, a pink tape dispenser (both also from Poppin), and a picture frame with a photo of my best friend and I from the first day of school!

On the other side of my desk I have an aqua Pencil Cup with pink Ballpoint pens. I also have two Bits and Bobs trays which hold sticky notes, paper clips, binder clips, washi tape, and other odds and ends! I love the convince of these bins and the fun colors are hard to beat!

Below is a little overview of my desk and I absolutely love the way it turned out! Funny how my iPad case fits perfectly in with the aqua and pink desk accessories!

Do you prefer colored desk accessories or clear ones?



  1. Your desk looks incredibly cute! That would definitely motivate me to study in a happier mood! :)

  2. I personally perfer clear so I don't get distracted while I am working on my homework.

  3. I actually am obsessed with your desk. It is so adorable and neat! I am inspired to clean my desk off! I will defineitely by buying some supplies for college.



  4. That was so pretty! I too need a Desk Cable Tray for my desk. Thanks foe some wonderful organic ideas. Keep exploring.


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