Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Rainboots with help from Pink Pineapple Vinyl Designs and Gifts

This past weekend I was caught in a bit of rain during a cross country race. Ew! All I wanted to do was shower and put on warm clothes, I was freezing!

A little yucky, huh?

One thing everyone wished they had on was rain boots. That got me to thinking, how can I make sure that wherever I go my rain boots will be unique and distinguishable? My idea, why not monogram them? Honestly, that is my philosophy with everything so why would it change then. Fortunately the etsy shop, Pink Pineapple Vinyl Designs and Gifts had sent me some monogramed decals that were perfect for this project! Her prices are great and she has lots of design options, vinyl colors, and sizes! The best part? Your decals usually ship within two days!

The two decals that I left un-pictured were the two I used to monogram my rain boots. These decals were 2 three inch decals in font 1B. The decal color is navy. 

I applied these decals to my Hunter high gloss rain boots and I am so excited with the way they turned out. Application was super easy and the finished product is sure to put a smile on your face on a rainy day!

Application is simple. All you have to do once your decals come in is: clean the surface you are applying the decal to, remove the backing, choose placement, and press firmly to surface. Voila, you have your very own monogrammed rain boots! So simple and so fun!

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out Pink Pineapple Vinyl Designs and Gifts!



  1. How fun! I have been wanting to try this but not being in school, I dont have much need for them anymore :(

  2. What a cute idea! I would try it, but I think the monogram might be a little overwhelming on my polka dot boots.

  3. These are too cute!!! I've been wanting it to rain here so that I can wear my Hunters

  4. I love them, and agree, everything is better with a monogram!

  5. what kind of vinyl are you using?

  6. Is there a special kind of vinyl?


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