Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lifeguard Press

Lifeguard Press and Lilly Pulitzer are a girls dream team! I have tons of items made by Lifeguard Press in Lilly prints and have yet to be disappointed. Recently I talked to the sweetest girl from Lifeguard Press and she sent me a 
Lilly Pulitzer Catchall with Pad in Chum Bucket
and the large Lilly Pulitzer Storage Box also in Chum Bucket
and I am so pleased with both of these items. I use notepads all the time so there is no doubt in my mind that this one will go to use. I was also super impressed with how large the storage box is! I think it is perfect for any girls who are headed to college this year because I kid you not, I can fit inside of it!
You didn't believe me?

And there was space leftover when I was inside of it! I am not kidding this thing is giant! Y'all will have to check out my organizational article in the Smart Girl's Guide for September to hear how to pack for college but this is a necessity. I will be taking mine to camp because it will be a perfect under the bed bin for some of my things so that my area will not look cluttered!

I highly recommend investing in one of these bins because they are huge, easy to clean, and collapsible. I know I will get tons of use out of mine and I will show y'all pictures with it all packed for camp (once I start packing that is).


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  1. I love lifeguard press too! I just did a blog post on some of their new sorority things and agendas.

    love your blog :)


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