Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gifts to Give Stocking Stuffers (For Guys & Girls)

The first thing we do Christmas morning (aside from waiting to be allowed into the room where all the presents are despite the fact they are wrapped) is open our stockings. Stocking stuffers are essentially the appetizer of Christmas leading up to the main course of unwrapping all of those gifts you've been secretly hoping for. Stocking stuffers have the potential to be so great but often times fall short due to inadequate planning. While gum and trinkets from the dollar store are great stockings stuffed with things that won't be shoved into the back of a drawer are even better. These more useful prizes and do-dads to get excited over won't break the bank and will continue to fill the space between pieces of candy! 

I have come up with a list of items for both girls and guys that will hopefully inspire you to make your stockings a bit more exciting with gifts that will get constant use. So no brainers when it comes to stocking stuffers: gift cards, nail polish, school supplies, socks, or candy! 

For Girls:

For Guys: 

Of course I was able to think of more ideas for girls than guys so if you have any guy stocking stuffer suggestions then feel free to share them below! 


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