Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break Swimwear

College is great and all but I would be lying if I said that everyone wasn't counting down the days until Spring Break. While this break came at a perfect time for me (I spent all of last week and half of this week sick) the weather isn't exactly the warmest it could be. Why university academic calendars insist on placing Spring Break at the beginning of March was not run by me first! I've spent the break relaxing since it has been especially rainy but most people will be soaking in some much warmer weather and hitting the beach in which case some fabulous swimwear is essential. 

Although I am slightly bummed that I won't be coming back tan (even when I do get tan most people comment about how my face freckles really stand out anyway) perusing through some swimwear options has me so ready to spend time on the beach this summer. As I've been imagining boating and beaching my days away I have found some amazing swim suit options from all over the internet. If you're one of the lucky ones who will be spending your break in warmer weather by the water then be sure to check out some of these great swimwear finds. I've been absolutely blown away by some of the cute new suits I've seen and there are also loads that won't break the bank!

My swimwear trick, buy basic bottoms in colors that can match anything from an inexpensive place like Target and then you'll have a bit more money to spend on cool tops. If you're not a fan of the mix and match suit style then your could get some fun solids or add the bottoms to your cart too!

My favorite places to shop for swimwear:

And I am loving this very Lilly Pulitzer-esque romper cover up!

Aside from the ones above, here are some other suits that I found and thought were super cute. If any of them is exactly what you're looking for then you can shop the suit directly by clicking on it!


  1. I love the high waisted suits

    check out my newest post

  2. I'm a big mix-and-match girl, I always buy solid black bottoms (I probably have a ton of them!) from Target and then I buy colorful tops from everywhere, it's so much cheaper!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista