Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Theme and Decoration Details (Parent Trap)

I’ve been looking forward to sharing today’s Wedding Wednesday with y’all for quite some time! My bachelorette was a couple of weeks ago and was such a blast. Despite having a very capable maid and matron of honor who could have executed the weekend without any help from me, I was insistent on getting a say in the theme and helping out with different aspects of the weekend, which was such a welcome break from wedding planning!

Where We Went: 

Having been on fun destination bachelorettes in the past, I knew I wanted to do my best to make the weekend cost-effective, somewhat relaxing, and, of course, fun for my bridesmaids who were able to attend. Hunter’s parents have a beautiful lake house on Lake Martin and generously agreed to let us use it for a long weekend for the occasion. Excluding those who would have to fly (who I obviously invited but encouraged to do what was best for them schedule/finance-wise), Lake Martin was a pretty easy drive for everyone who was able to come. It’s only about an hour and a half from Birmingham, which accounted for about half of our group and four and a half from the furthest away attendee. 

Hunter’s family’s lake house is a place we’ve spent a lot of time in the summers, and it was so fun to have my friends there to experience it. I loved that it gave us the option to be by the water in a spacious house that would give everyone some flexibility with what they wanted to do during their downtime. Plus, it made for the perfect setting for our theme.

The Theme: Camp Walton for Girls (Parent Trap)

Since early on in college, I decided that one day, when it came time for me to have a bachelorette weekend, I would have it be Parent Trap / Camp themed. Like most girls, I love The Parent Trap but knew that my last name, Walton, would make the perfect play on the camp in the movie’s name, Walden. Over the years, Parent Trap themed bachelorettes have become quite popular, which gave us a lot of ideas to go off of while coming up with an itinerary for the weekend! 

Logo Design: Strokes and Scribbles

Once Nell and Sophia (my maid and matron of honor) approved my theme, we decided to create a logo of sorts, for the weekend to use on various items. A friend from high school, Claire, was the perfect person to get in touch with for this and is a talented artist/graphic designer. She did the best job interpreting my ideas and bringing them to life in a way that was even better than I could have imagined!

We played off of the Camp Walden logo in the movie and switched out the tree for an illustration of Hunter’s family’s lake house. The attention to detail on this was amazing, and it was a fun, subtle nod to where we’d be spending the weekend. I wanted to add one tree back in as a reference to Hunter’s last name, Branch, and the waves underneath Walton in our logo worked well for the lake, which is why we embraced them from the Camp Walden logo. Not only did the logo turn out adorably, but Claire was also so fast in getting it back to me and is even able to help place orders for various merchandise to place the logo on! 

Branded Cups and Huggers/Koozies: Please Reply in Birmingham

If Hunter’s mom didn’t work at a great stationery store with the ability to help us get items printed, we likely would have gone through Claire to get some things ordered, but I am so glad we were able to use Please Reply since they were who we printed our wedding invitations through. Hunter’s sister Janie spearheaded ordering these items with the help of her mom, and they were exactly what I would have done had I been assigned the task! We opted for Frost Flex cups and slim koozies that everyone was able to take home with them after using them the whole weekend! 

If you need somewhere online that does a good job I've also ordered from The Essential Market before with success.

Painted Signs: The Painting Boothe (instagram)



These signs were another aspect that were kept a surprise from me until it came time for them to be picked up. Nell got in touch with my friend Rachel about painting these, and I felt so touched knowing how many people had a role in making the weekend so special! There was a big Camp Walton sign that we used in the living room above the dining table, and then above each room was a Parent Trap quote. 

Cocktail Napkins: Euclid Home

There were so many details to love, but one set of items that I am thrilled to now have on display after the weekend are the custom cocktail napkins for the weekend monogrammed for me by Euclid Home. Euclid Home has become my go-to for monogrammed items, and her custom cocktail napkin set had everyone gushing over! Each napkin had a different quote from the Parent Trap on them and there was even a Camp Walton one. These would make a great gift for a stock-the-bar party, to send to a bride if you weren’t able to attend her bachelorette weekend, or order for yourself a memento of the weekend and theme! The quality is unmatched and I love that each one has a different font used while all embracing the overall color scheme. 

Decorated Cookies: Janie's Mother-in-Law

 This is another example of being so touched by all who pitched in to make the weekend full of perfectly executed details. Hunter's sister, Janie, and her mother in law made and decorated sugar cookies that went perfectly with our theme. These cookies not only looked amazing, but tasted incredible too, which I don't feel like is always the case for pretty cookies! She does these for fun, so I'm not able to point you in her direction, but if I could I know she'd be fully booekd up in no time at all. 


Balloon Arch: Amazon 

Balloon arches can get so expensive, but Amazon is a great money saver on this if you have a bit of time to execute the project. Janie was in charge of this, and after seeing what she did (in a short amount of time), she needs to start letting people hire her to make them! She ordered this pump, blue and green balloons, and this balloon arch kit that came with pieces to easily cluster balloons together. 

Pool Floats: Amazon


Since we were going to be at the lake, I wanted to gift each attendee a pool float to use, but once I found these that matched our color scheme decided to use them as a backdrop for our tablescape Friday night. I hung them up using fishing line and thumbtacks and thought it made for a cute added touch!

Trunks & Paddles: 

Those of us who grew up going to all-girls summer camps each had trunks that we brought along for the weekend! My parents were thrilled when I asked to get mine out of the attic in Fairhope to bring to Birmingham for the weekend. 

Another cute and packable touch that I was surprised by was all of the photos of Hunter and me that my friends hung up! No detail was spared, and one was even cut right down the middle! The way they were hung even looked like how we'd hang things up at camp.  

I can’t wait to share more tomorrow about what I included in my bachelorette gift bags for friends. And check back in Friday too for all the details on our tables cape and full itinerary! 


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  2. This is the cutest thing!! You and your friends should look into party planning when this is all said and done. Makes me want to get married again and have such a fun theme!!!

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