Friday, February 16, 2018

February Q & A Video

Happy Friday! I am definitely overly excited for this Friday since I am at home enjoying it with my family. If you read my post on Tuesday you probably saw that I was flying somewhere for Valentine’s Day. Bet you didn’t think that I was going to make such a big deal about coming home. Oops. I have to convince y’all to come back and read the blog for some reason, so I take the opportunity to be vague more than I should on occasion. 

To make up for that, I decided to incorporate another video into a post for y’all. I love that y’all enjoy watching videos, but I don’t always have time to film and edit them. I am excited to have this one ready for you to watch and learn a bit more about me. Question and answer posts are always so fun to film since I get to see what y’all are interested in hearing about. My friends would definitely tell you I’m a pretty private person so these are a good opportunity for me to open up just a bit more. I was able to answer many of the questions asked on Instagram within the Q&A. If you have more questions you’d like to ask me in my next Q&A then be sure to ask them below. I’ll try to get to them the next time I do one of these or even in a future blog post.

I’d love for y’all to answer one of the questions I answered in this video below! While you may be eager to get to know me better, I am just as eager to learn more about you!


  1. Ah, I love Q&A videos! Added it to my Watch Later list. Can't wait to learn more about you, Dorothy! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I loved all of the blogging tips in this video! I'm just starting out with a blog and could use all the advice I can get! Great Video :)

    Angela | Cue The Coffee

  3. Loved this video, Dorothy! So fun to get to know you a little bit better!


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