Friday, November 10, 2017

The Perfect Blouse To Take From Work To Weekend Wear

As I have been occasionally adding pieces to my closet this year I have the same mentality whenever it comes to deciding to purchase something: will this piece look equally as cute at work (aka school) as it will on the weekends? 

While ideally my work wardrobe and weekend wardrobe wouldn't overlap too much I am a 22 year old with a limited budget and closet space that it makes too much sense for it to overlap to not have that mindset. Fortunately, I have been seeing some really cute pieces all over this season that fit my bill without sacrificing on either the work or weekend wear realm. If I could have one store magically fill my closet it would without a doubt be Tuckernuck. I find myself on their site at least once a week if not more often checking their new arrivals and wishing that everything on the site was suddenly free. One item that I finally bit the bullet on after looking at it over and over again for a couple of weeks was this adorable striped blouse. 

On school days it is so easy to pair with some black or navy chino pants and ballet flats and on the weekend I can opt for a more relaxed pair of blue jeans. Sometimes when I put this on to run errands I feel kind of like a mom due to the fact that it's something that I could definitely see the fashionable moms that go to the same Starbucks as I do on the weekends strolling in wearing with their child and fancy diaper bag in tow. That's the beauty of wearing ballet flats with an outfit I suppose since I immediately think of teachers and moms. Fortunately, this pair of ballet flats is one of the few I need in my closet since they match everything. There is something about a good French Grey that I love as I am sure is evidenced by both the flats and quilted jacket. It's too dark in my room in the morning when I am getting ready to have to ponder whether or not I'm wearing black or navy and then match my outerwear and shoes accordingly. Nope, not happening here hence all the grey. If I decide to get these flats in another color I would 100% opt for the tortoise pair since it mixes brown and black and I would be avoiding the morning matching dilemma still with them! 

top // jeans // flats // jacket // watch face // watch band // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

I hope that y'all are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am. Despite having much more fun plans the past four weeks I am so thrilled to have NOTHING on my agenda for this weekend. While I've loved being social and doing things with people this past month I can't tell you how excited I am to go into next week feeling prepared while also having plenty of time to work on so many blogging things I am eager to tackle. Meanwhile, need to make it through my second field trip of the year today. As long as all 25 of my kids come back in one piece we can call this week a success! 


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