Thursday, August 17, 2017

End of Summer Favorites from Tuckernuck

I am sure I'm not the only one who has ever been asked "what if" type questions where I am forced to respond. Sometimes when doing blog question and answers those are some of my favorites to respond to. At one point someone asked me "What if you could only shop for clothes at one store, which store would you choose?" If you know me in real life you probably know I don't really like choosing favorites and decisions may not always be my strong suit. However, for this question I could confidently say either J.Crew or Tuckernuck. J.Crew has so many great pieces but sometimes (at least at Furman) I felt like 6 other classmates may have had the same ones. And don't get me started on how many of the same J.Crew pieces Nell and I have in which we feel the need to text one another so we don't end up looking like the Bobsy Twins. For the most part that isn't going to steer me away from J.Crew but instead leaves me with my other option, Tuckernuck. If you've never been to their site then I am warning you now that I usually end up with half of the store in my basket when I've gone to just browse. The clothes are for the most part pretty classic but sometimes embody a modern trend that makes them that much cuter. I would be completely ok if I could only shop for clothes at one store if it were Tuckernuck. They have the type of clothes that would transition perfectly from work to weekend and as I aim to expand my professional wardrobe you can bet I'll be shopping here first.

After sharing some cute picks from H&M with y'all last week I thought I'd do the same this week but would feature some of the cutest new arrivals and items I've had my eyes on from Tuckernuck

I look forward to sharing some posts featuring a few of these items styled in the coming weeks! 


  1. Never heard of Tuckernuck before! But some of your picks are cute, gonna check their brand out!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I haven't heard of Tuckernuck but the clothes you linked are so cute! They would be perfect for work and weekend wear.

    Have a great day :)


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