Thursday, June 29, 2017

Powder Blue Flutter Sleeve Blouse

One day closer to the long weekend (I hope y'all have Monday AND Tuesday off) and once I can swim out from underneath the pages of assignments and study guides I'll finally be forcing myself to pack up on my next study break. But before we can get to that we need to talk about the cutest affordable powder blue tee that needs to make its way to your closet. Yep, we are talking about this $15 flutter sleeved beauty that I've been way overhearing ever since I got it. 

Reasons this top is amazing:
1. The material is so soft. I didn't really have expectations one way or the other when it came to what this top felt like since I was so smitten with the style so I was very pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out of the package and felt it. 
2. For being a t-shirt it is super lightweight without being see through. No need to wear a cami underneath this shirt which is music to my ears on hot summer days where the last thing I could think about is another layer of clothes touching my skin. 
3. It comes in five different colors! Yep, five. Including the classic black and white you can also get this top in a few pastel shades as well that would look as cute with white jeans as they would with denim shorts! 
4. The price. Hello, $15 is a steal for this! I know that this is going to become one of those tops that I am going have to start telling myself not to reach for because I already wear it so frequently. This is definitely going into the rotation of my teaching clothes since I am not willing to give in to quarter sleeved cardigans, capris, and ballet flats just yet.
5. Obviously the sleeves! I don't think I would have ever ordered this top had it not been for the sleeves. I love the flutter silhouette however a lot of times the style seems super overwhelming. When I came across this one I realized that it seemed to be a little bit more relaxed than some other ones I had seen which wouldn't over whelm my frame as much. The sleeves sit nicely without losing their fun factor, a quality I bet you didn't even know you valued in sleeves until now. 

top (comes in pink too) // jeans // wedges // hoops // watch (c/o) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

While this top is the obvious show stopped in this outfit the wedges I am wearing pack a punch of their own that can't be ignored. I am so excited to have a pair of wedges that will transition well into fall and the taupe color and suede on this pair do just that. I've found them really fun to wear this summer with white jeans and dresses but am excited to style them with dark denim and fun sweaters as well!


  1. Awesome how it's light but not see through. That's a rarity when it comes to clothes nowadays!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Ugh, your pics give me so many Yurman goals.

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