Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Camel Cape

The weather has finally been cold here in south Alabama and to say I'm a fan would be an understatement. I have found from living in South Carolina that I love actually getting to enjoy all four seasons and winter may just be my favorite season at least until mid February when I get tired of it. 

Because it is inevitable for the temperature to go back up while I'm home, dressing for cold mornings and warmer afternoons is essential. Pairing long sleeve shirts with looser sweaters, especially short sleeve ones like this, has become my go to. In the same way, tall riding boots don't always make the cut when the weather warms up so short booties are a great alternative. I purchased these fringe suede ones from Target of all places and they look nearly identical to a pair Kate Spade released last fall!

cape // jeans // boots // necklace // bracelets ( 1 & 2)

Sometimes I am just not in the mood to wear jeans and when thats the case these J. Crew Factory GiGi pants are a great alternative. They are navy with real pockets so they are dressier than leggings but with that same comfort. They are my go-to pants for student teaching since they are THAT comfy. 

Only a few more days til Christmas! I hope y'all have been able to get all of your Christmas shopping done! I still have a few smaller things to grab which I'll probably get to tomorrow between wrapping presents and finalizing any baking left. Over the past few days I've used more sticks of butter than I care to admit but there is something about baking for the holiday season that makes me think that is a-ok. I'd love to know what you still have left to do before Christmas Eve comes!


  1. I really like the tan cape! It's like a kimono, but minimal, which is my favourite style.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  4. Very inspiring and helpful too.Hope you continue to share more of your ideas.I will definitely love to read.


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