Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Honestly, I am not sure you can really count it being the holiday season in college without a tacky Christmas sweater party. I went to one last Friday and another one this Friday and there is nothing quite like the interpretations of Christmas spirit visible when everyone is trying to look as tacky as possible. From full on onesies to jingle bell earrings and everything in between you have to give it to college students for creativity. Until the past few years I thought the only way to find a good Christmas sweater was by digging to the depths of your grandmother's closet or searching the racks of second hand stores even if those did result in embroidered cats in Santa hats covering the sweater that somehow seems as though it's been worn numerous times. 

Of course when I came back from Christmas break I neglected to bring the one Christmas sweater I had found on one of my second hand store searches before a Christmas assembly senior year of high school. This left me to search for a new Christmas sweater and I was shocked by the number of options available online and in stores. Walmart's holiday section was filled with college students perusing their options (which were plentiful) and it was easy to tell who was going all out by the large gift bows in their hands. In my never ceasing efforts to be slightly unique I decided that while Walmart had a number of options I would look elsewhere. My efforts were met with lots of indecision due to the hilarious options and I ended up on settling on the one below from Forever 21 since I could go to the store and snag it without having to ship anything in a short-ish time constraint. 

You could easily dress it up with a fun red skirt or do what I did for the party and wear leggings, fun socks, and a big red bow. It completely depends on the occasion but for this post I decided I'd show you it worn with jeans since I can pretty much guarantee you all have a pair of those in your closet. 

 sweater // jeans // boots (on sale) // necklace 

If you have a holiday party coming up with a tacky Christmas sweater theme or just want one to wear this holiday season and have a bit more time when it comes to shopping your options here are some of my favorite ones and pretty much all of them are under $25! And if you don't have a party of this nature coming up then start planning because these are definitely the most fun ones to dress for! 


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