Thursday, December 15, 2016

Festive Frocks for the Holiday Season

There's nothing quite like getting all dressed up to put you in the holiday spirit. While most of the break I can be found in comfy leggings and oversized sweaters there is an occasion every once in a while where getting dressed up in some sort of festive frock is in order. From sorority events over the years I've started to accrue a number of cocktail dresses that have been worn by both myself and my friends as college has progressed and will surely continue to be worn frequently after graduation. While that may be the case there is something about the holiday season and the bright colors that has a tendency to make me wish I had more holiday parties to attend. 

Nothing screams December quite like a bold red aside from when it is paired with a deep green. So, when putting together a look for any holiday event I am typically drawn to red. This dress was no exception. As I was looking for something festive for my sorority's winter formal I ended up ordering two options both of which happened to be red. The first one happened to be too big which turned out to be a-ok when I stumbled across this one. Once it came in the mail I realized just how predictable I am when it comes to the styles of dresses I enjoy. If it has a popover style top or peplum hem you may as well assume it is already in my closet or well on its way there. It was the perfect dress for my formal and certainly stood out in a sea of black dresses as I am sure this dress would do the same at any holiday party you may have on your social calendar. 

dress (also available here // similar from the same brand // also love this one from the same brand) // heels // necklace // hoops // scarf (similar) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) & gold and white ones

wrapping paper (here & here)

If you're looking to get the most bang from your buck you can dress down a number of cocktail dresses by adding a scarf to serve as a wrap to change up the look a bit. This scarf is one of my favorites and I so wish J.Crew had brought it back this year (I did link a similar styled one in case you're interested).  I paired this dress with my favorite gold hoops for a bit of a modern twist and my favorite everyday bracelets it doesn't need its own jewelry pieces to make the outfit seem complete. 

If you're planning for a holiday party in the coming weeks I've done the dirty week and surfed the web to find some great options available now. The great thing is that all of these dresses would pair perfectly with these nude stripy Steve Madden heels that I constantly reach for. They are sleek and elongate the leg but do a great job of not taking the focus away from the rest of your outfit. 

I'd love to know if you're heading to any holiday parties and what you may be wearing?
P.S. Be sure to check back on the blog frequently because I've been posting twice a day and would hate for you to miss a post!