Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One Last Look At Home With Fun Real Fun

Whew, what a couple of weeks and weekends. Back to school is always so busy and the inconsistencies in my routine have led to fewer posts that I would have wished for. I apologize for that but am glad that now that class has started things will begin to smooth out and I'll get into the groove of things. In addition to the big change in routine another big change that is hard about coming back to school for me has always been leaving my family and the comfort of home. 

This summer when I was at my house I spent a lot of time with my parents since very few of my friends were actually home for the summer. Because of all of this time spent at home I started the process of re-doing my room. While I had envisioned finishing that in a month and sharing the final completed product with y'all I still haven't completely finished re-doing it. So, I'm not going to share that just yet but I did think it would be fun to show you a few of my favorite details of my room and bathroom that have started to pull the spaces together! 


Growing up with my own spacious bathroom has always been so nice! Not having to wait for a sibling to get out of the shower, being able to take up as much counter space as I want, and getting ready without being in someone else's way are just a few of the perks. However, as someone who spends far too long on pinterest and loves interior design I have discovered that setting up my bathroom exactly how I want is another perk that falls at the top of that list. Bathrooms definitely aren't the hardest places to decorate and it is so easy to give them a face lift by changing out simple details like a rug or towels! 

With navy and light blue being my colors of choice for just about everything as of late I didn't stray away from that when it came to my room and bathroom. After discovering this runner rug I knew that the print of the room would compliment the look I was going for! The ikat design, ability to clean it easily, and its skid proof nature made it a no brainer for the space!  The company that makes these rugs, Fun Real Fun, has the cutest designs and the material of the rug makes them so versatile to use in a variety of spaces in your home. My roommates and I are currently looking at which of their cute prints we should put in our apartment kitchen! If you're familiar with the quality and cuteness of the brand Scout then you will be equally as impressed by Fun Real Fun since they are the sister company to Scout! That means that the patterns and colors seen on their rugs will go perfectly with some of your favorite storage bins and totes offered by Scout! 

To go along with this eye catching rug I decided to keep the other details in the bathroom a bit simpler since the rug is definitely able to speak for itself! I purchased the cutest navy tassel shower curtain and am debating how I want to monogram it to really add a finishing touch to it! 

As for the rest of my room, the bed is definitely the place where I've made the most progress. I purchased a rug to cover some of my white carpet which contrasts nicely with my navy bed skirt and decided that a white comforter would allow for the most fun choices when it comes to the pillows! There is definitely still lots to be done to make the space completely share ready but I thought it would fun to share one last look at home before I even think about sharing my new space at school! 


  1. These details are so cute, Dorothy! Can't wait to see how the rest of your apartment comes together!


  2. Everything looks so cute! I love the tasseled shower curtain & I personally think it would be adorable with a monogram :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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