Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Packed Party

For any of you who know me personally you would know that I LOVE giving gifts. Picking out prizes for friends makes me so happy. If you remember what I bought in Paris then you will know that I ended up spending more time searching for the perfect gifts for my friends than I spent looking for prizes for myself. 

Well, I have a new favorite gift to send friends! While you don't get that thrill of wandering through stores looking for the perfect present the contents of this completely makeup for that. Enter Packed Party, the cutest party package for any occasion. I have already sent the Liddle Bit of Party Miss Ya package to my little working at a summer camp and am definitely sending the Birthday one to my big for her birthday in August! They are just the cutest. I would be thrilled to receive one of these navy boxes in the mail and I love that the company has loads of different boxes for any occasion! They scream happy everything and are the perfect pick me up for friends in need of a little excitement to their door step. 

You must scroll through their site to see all of the cuteness that ship out daily and their instagram (all photos above are from there, @packedparty) is by far one of my favorites to check! I secretly wish I had more hours in the day and could teleport because their office looks like too much fun. Not to mention it is in San Francisco, a city I would love to visit! Jordan, the creator of the company, is a young entrepreneur with an impeccable attention to detail and a personality that screams life of the party! The Packed Party team is as obsessed with bright colors as I am and the gifts in their packages are items I would use daily! Whether you are sending a pity party package or a you, pampered thing you package to your friends I guarantee you will be tempted to add an extra one to your cart for yourself! And if you're looking for a new fun blog to follow then theirs is the one for you! 

Have you heard of Packed Party before?


  1. That seems like an amazing gift!


  2. Just spent a good chunk of time on the site! They are all too stinkin' cute!


  3. Such a cute gift idea! All of the boxes are just adorable.



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