Monday, July 6, 2015

Liberty of London for Nordstrom + Sale Tips

Happy Monday! After a long weekend I am having a bit of trouble jumping back into my weekday routine but a good collaboration perked me up just as much as coffee could this morning! If you read my trip recap (Paris & London) then you probably know that with a short amount of time in London my must see list had to be concise but on it was taking a trip to Liberty of London. I knew about the company due to their collaboration with Target back when I was in eighth grade and to this day I still have a top and dress from the collection. Well, visiting the store was completely worth my time and I loved seeing all of their bright and fun prints printed onto just about anything you could imagine. Much to my surprise when scrolling through my email this weekend I saw that Nordstrom and Liberty of London currently put together their own floral pop up shop.

All of the pieces they are offering are pieces that I got to see while meandering through the department store in London and all happen to be from the same floor that I spent majority of my time roaming around. While these pieces look perfectly precious online they are even cuter in person so I am giving you full permission (since, you know, I have that authority over you…not) to snatch up anything and everything you may have your eyes on. Getting Liberty pieces in the US is not easy so now is the time to stock up. The prices may seem a bit steep (they looked a lot more attractive in pounds which you can't say about many price tags) but from my experience with the brand, their products hold up really great. When I was at the store in London I purchased a couple of gifts for family, a leather printed passport case for myself, and the cutest pack of postcards that are actually available through the nordstrom collaboration. I wish they had had this print pair of pajamas while I was abroad because I seriously would have considered getting them but maybe this is the world giving me a second chance. 

I have put together some of my favorites from the collaboration for y'all to shop but you should definitely check out the entire collection before Liberty becomes semi exclusive to London yet again.

Since we are already talking about Nordstrom I wanted to clue y'all in on something exciting. Thursday begins Nordstrom's big Anniversary Sale! We are talking brand new fall pieces on sale before anyone else has even had the chance to get their hands on (let alone wear) them. This sale is arguably Nordstrom's biggest of the year and if you're tired of the heat or just want to stock up on fall pieces to stay stylish in then you better not miss it. My best advice to you is to sign up for a Nordstrom credit or debit card so that you have early access starting on the 9th (otherwise you have to wait until the 16th and sizes tend to sell out). If you already have a Nordstrom card then you have no need to sweat but if not go ahead and get one so that you can shop early while earning double the points! Fortunately, Nordstrom cards can be approved instantly once you sign up so you don't even have to fret about it coming in on time to shop the sale online.

I will definitely be reminding you when it starts for cardholders and will try to remind you when access opens up to everyone! So for now go sign up for a card and get ready to shop your way into this next weekend, since the sale itself is almost as exciting as the weekend!
What pieces do you want most for fall? 

Other pieces I adore:


  1. How fun is that pajama set! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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