Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Minute Fourth of July Inspiration

When I was younger, the Fourth of July was always a holiday I looked forward to since it meant that we would be at the beach celebrating with my family. This year I seem to have that child like anticipation again as I head back to the beach to celebrate with my family after being a camp counselor and camper during this time for the past 5 or so years. While we never seem to have elaborate plans for the fourth that may be the very reason I adore it so much. 

My grandmother and I in particular love a good theme and what could be better than decorating with some red, white, and blue. I knew as I headed to the beach yesterday that she would have all sorts of festive decorations sprinkled about in and outside of the house and I am sure that she will fully appreciate any sort of patriotic ensemble I put together this weekend since it will definitely match the theme. 

Tomorrow is sure to be a family filled day for us with activities varying from paddle boarding, front porch lounging, boating, napping, fireworking (yep, I just made that a verb), swimming, and of course, eating. Fourth of July seems to be the summer equivalent of Fourth of July with the amount of food that is usually prepared and that comes with zero complaints from me. With blueberry ice cream, pound cake, my homemade iced sugar cookies, and plenty of "real" dishes spruced up for the occasion count me in for two sessions of the front porch lounging. 

In case you aren't quite as energetic and enthusiastic about the holiday as I am I put together a fun mix of patriotic photos that I found on Pinterest to hopefully inspire you to celebrate all that this holiday means. In the meantime you can find me in the kitchen enjoying all of the food in site post paddle boarding and boating adventures embracing all things red, white, and blue this weekend!

In case you need some last minute outfit inspiration then check out this post where I put together loads of different outfit ideas that could still be pulled off last minute with a bit of mixing and matching!

Happy Fourth of July weekend! I'd love to know what you're most looking forward to!


  1. How cute are those painted pineapples!? So festive! Great post!

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