Friday, June 19, 2015

Anthropologie, You Win! Shop Their Sale!

Anthropologie has always been a favorite of mine! As I am currently writing this post I am snuggled up in my bed covered by one of my favorite Anthropologie purchases to date, a colorful quilt. My love of Anthropologie may come as a surprise to some as it is commonly associated with a more boho and earthy style and well, you've found a writer of a preppy blog lusting over some of their pieces. Well everything is great in moderation, right? That's how I feel about Anthropologie! If I had tons of pieces from there my closet wouldn't reflect the fun patterns and bright colors I adore but by tossing in fun find from Anthropologie on occassion I am able to have the best of both worlds! 

While all of their clothing may not be my style I could spend every penny to my name on their cookbooks, dishes, candles, and incredibly soft (but really you need to feel it) quilts! There is an Anthropologie in downtown Greenville that my friends and I frequent often although most of the time we force ourselves to walk straight to the sale room before glancing at anything else! Well we are all in luck because currently Anthropologie is having their huge summer sale with many of their sale items ringing in at 50% off (yep, you read that right). With a plethora of items to choose from I couldn't help but scroll through the site and find some favorites!

PS. Before shopping the rest of your day away check out my post from earlier today below this one! Happy spending and happy weekend!


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