Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo Outfit Inspiration

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If you know me well then you would know that I love a theme! I am a lot more likely to go to a fraternity party if it has a theme than if it doesn't and even small holidays have themes worth celebrating. Cinco de Mayo is usually a "holiday" I forget about but with fun bright colors and an excuse to eat a delicious meal filled with too much guacamole and queso this year I just don't want to pass it up. Unfortunately, I am studying for a final today but a friend and I decided that if we are very productive with our studies then we are going to treat ourselves to our very own fiesta of a lunch!

            While I wish I could say I would be sporting a cute embroidered top (because I do LOVE a theme) unfortunately I am just not that committed to looking that cute in the library although if I were at home that would be another story. If I were to dress for the occasion then I would definitely be wearing something similar to the pieces in the picture below! Not only does this fit the Cinco de Mayo theme perfectly but it would also be super cute to wear all summer long (minus the mini sombrero, unless that's your thing).

            And while I can't say for sure how great the quality of the top above is it is perfectly cute without being pricey (under $20). I am very guilty of wanting to get it in all 10 of the colors. Add jean shorts and some comfy sandals or converse and you will look perfectly put together no matter which color you choose!

            What are you doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. If it involves guacamole then eat some extra for me!


  1. If this is the top from Target (I saw one just like it there yesterday!) it was surprisingly good quality for the price! Love the embroidered details :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Those sandals are amazingly adorable!

  3. Great picks, I really like that embroidered top, especially white, and denim shorts are perfect.

  4. love the outfit picks

    check out my newest post

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