Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Showers bring May Flowers

All this week rain has been on our forecast and next Tuesday is the next time the weatherman is predicting some South Carolina sunshine. I am not a huge fan of spring days without the sun but I guess since the showers bring flowers I'll survive. Walking to class with my backpack in toe in the rain is not ideal and being sopping wet is never fun either. I have learned that in the Spring it is so important to check the weather before I leave my room in the morning for class. Not being prepared for showers when the walk back to your dorm is a bit of a trek would not leave me in a good mood. 

I feel like lately I have seen so many cute rainy day apparel items that would definitely brighten gross and humid days. I gravitate towards bright colors when it comes to rainy day apparel and I would be ring if I tried to convince y'all that my rain jacket isn't lime green and my Hunters aren't magenta. While I adore those colorful styles on rainy days I have also been loving seeing the classic take on dressing for these days lately. Maybe it is just me but when I think of the classic image of a child dressed for a rainy day I think yellow jacket and black or yellow boots. The combination I have created below is a perfectly stylish way to pull off this ensemble without having your attire match the mood that the weather puts you in. 

While I can't usually pull off yellow very well I think this rain jacket is classic and sophisticated enough while still being fun, the perfect combination for anyone to pull off. Pairing it with cute grey boots and a clear umbrella may have you looking forward to the next rainy day in your forecast. 

see I am not crazy…

What are your go to rainy day pieces?


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  2. Great post! I made a rainy day gear post last week with lots of fun rain boots, rain jacket, and umbrella picks! Check it out on my blog!

    Three of a Kind

  3. Rain boots (duh) and an nice light water proof jacket.

    check out my newest post

  4. I love your pick of neutral rain boots - so much easier to match with outfits!

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  5. LOVE the yellow jacket! Boots and an umbrella are, of course, my go tos! I've been on the search for a cute umbrella for ages! And while I know everyone loves Hunters, I prefer Le Chameau...they're not quite as cute but they are SO comfortable and great if you're doing a lot of walking!

    jess | Bows & Bouquets

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