Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seeing Isn't Believing {Instagram v. Reality}

I am completely guilty of lusting over a seemingly perfect instagram feed that looks as though the photos could have been ripped straight out of a magazine. I know I am not the only one who gets stuck on the idea that a perfect instagram feed translates to perfection in that real life! As a blogger myself and a lover of so many other blogs it can be hard to remember that just because a single image makes it appear as if someone has it all together the chances are that they are just as scattered as all of us! I've talked about this before but I feel like this is something that gets overlooked and we continue to allow ourselves to be consumed with the idea that perfection can be defined by a picture. 

Just because someone makes it look easy does not mean it necessarily is for them. We all have some sort of facade that we put up of varying thickness and we have to remember to allow others to see through it to form relationships that are meaningful aside from materialistic. Vulnerability is something I have become much better at accepting and although I tend to really only post positive things I just want to remind y'all that I have just as many faults (if not more) as everyone else and am still figuring life (well school and grades at least) out like everyone else!

I encourage you to appreciate (and even like) the seemingly perfect pictures but just remember that we are all guilty of making it look like we all have it together when we don't. Maybe that is why I love the phrase "fake it until you make it" so much! By pretending I have it all together I work harder to make that demeanor a reality!

I know these posts were popular earlier in the year but I thought it would be fun to toss out my own version. Behold, my instagram photos vs. what I was really thinking / doing.

So this picture you saw yesterday is of an outfit I've actually worn and love. Y'all seem to really enjoy outfit photo posts and in all honesty I am usually so embarrassed when having the photos taken for these. Thank goodness Nell does them for me but finding a place to take these pictures is so much more difficult than you'd ever imagine. Not to mention that I duck whenever a person or car comes by while taking these, Nell would completely vouch for my embarrassment the last time we took outfit photos.

I stood up to take this picture when I was in the library one day because the lighting was bad where I was sitting. No one actually holds their arm across their body like that but I really wanted my bracelets to be in the picture. Also, I had just painted my nails (in the library no less) because I hate it when my nails are naked. 

Bright, colorful, and cheery right? Internally I was having an anxiety attack because I did not feel prepared for my bio test. This picture totally makes it look like I have my life together even though it felt like I could fall apart because of a lack of sleep at any moment. 

And pretty much all my other photos have similar stories behind them even if the puny caption makes it sound like my life is fully together. Does this mean I am going to stop posting photos like this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I do however, want y'all to know that I am just as confused about school (math) and any other challenge in life as y'all are!

Just remember, seeing isn't always believing!


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  2. I have so much love for this post. Oftentimes, we see people's Instagram accounts and think that those people have their lives perfectly together all the time because their Instagram looks that way, when really, this isn't always the truth. I know that I can spend up to 15 minutes just setting myself up for an Instagram post that's supposed to look effortless, so it's nice to know that I'm not the only one.


  3. Absolutely love this post! This is so important because we easily compare ourselves to other people who seem "perfect", when in reality, everyone has their own issues going on! Thanks so much!

    xoxo, Abby

  4. such an insightful post!! great way to really put across such a significant point. :)

  5. Thanks for the great post! It's definitely nice to remember that everyone else is dealing with their own stresses too :)

  6. How true is this entire post! It is almost like we can hide behind pictures!

  7. This is so tru lol.
    Love this

    check me out


  8. that was such a great post..thanks :) being vulnerable is so hard sometimes!

  9. This is SO true. Thanks for posting this. The main reason I wanted to start a blog was so I have an outlet to express who I want to be. Everyday I get so caught up in the frustrating parts of life. Blogging is a nice place to reflect upon and share what you're happy with, but that often makes it look like those frustrating and embarrassing parts don't exist.

    Mary Mae
    Pacific Prep

  10. Loved this post. Thanks for keeping it real with us. Your honesty means a lot in this social media world we live in.

  11. Glad you did this post. It's easy to get envious of people when all you see are specific, thought-out snapshots of their lives


  12. I love, love, love reading these posts! It's a great reminder that we're all human :)


  13. This is one of the best things I've seen in a while - you are 100% right! Looking at "perfect" photos through Insta and on blogs you don't think about what that person is actually thinking while taking it.

    Pick Your Beau

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  15. I love when people make these kinds of posts. Side note, your desk is gorgeous!

    Mina | Cream Coloured Ponies

  16. I know where I'm going and l know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.Thankyou i really love it.

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