Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Sea}Horsing Around

I am generally a very indecisive individual. One thing that I can be decisive on quickly, however, is that a cheerful button down and chino shorts can be made into an outfit with ease! My pink chinos pair with just about anything and so many of the outfits I wear are dependent upon these bright shorts. I adore the way they look with this seahorse button down and am quite confused as to why I haven't tried the combo sooner! To spice it up a bit (I know, super creative…) I decided to tie the shirt at the bottom instead of tucking it in or just leaving it be. Sometimes, little details like this can drastically change an outfit. While I don't necessarily see that being the case for this outfit, I think it can be a fun way to change around an ordinary button up!

(the angle of the next two photos look a bit distorted but this gives a good look at the outfit all together!)


shorts // shirt // shoes // bracelets (DY cable, DY pearl, cutout monogram) // monogram necklace


  1. Cute! I just love those seahorses. And I mean... who can resist a good pair of chino shorts?


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