Monday, June 23, 2014

Infatuated With Embroidery

The title says it all, I am infatuated with embroidery! While many probably think of it as a trend of the past I can't help but love the look of embroidery especially on blouse like tops! I posted the photo below to instagram and I had forgotten how much I absolutely adore this flawy embroidered top until I got my summer clothing out of their storage! My dad even complimented me on my top (hey dad!) it seems as though embroidery may be timeless (ok that may be pushing it)!

While this look is a bit more edgy compared to some of my typical outfit choices it is such a fun summer look! My embroidered blouse + chinos + these beauties is my personal perfection of a combination between preppy and whatever embroidery may be classified as!

This top was one of my awesome Forever 21 finds last summer and it inspired me to check out some similar embroidered options offered out there online! To my pleasant (or peasant matching the trend of my top, too far? Oops) surprise I found a plethora of fanciful options for embroidered tops that I couldn't help but add to my online shopping cart!

If you want to join me in taking on these tops that seem to scream fiesta check out all of these amazing options below! P.S. I didn't even mention the best part, they are all under $30, so go ahead and buy two!

Also, I know they may look a bit edgy on the models but it really is all about how you choose to pair and accessorize them, happy shopping!

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