Friday, February 21, 2014

Shop Bando - The Perfect Party Accessories!

I've heard a saying spread around before that states, "life is a gift, that is why it is called present."Although I do not know where that originated from, I have somehow remembered it! With that being said, presents/gifts remind me of parties and I feel like that could be translated as live each day as a party. What makes a party even better is fun decorations and accessories! That is where Shop Bando comes into play! Their products scream fun and festive!

As the sister company of Lifeguard Press they are experienced and of course, perfect for the job of entertaining girly girls who love a little bit of color and sparkle in their lives! Each of their pieces looks like its own little party and can surely accessorize yours! With products ranging from hair accessories to  glitter shoe clips you will surely find something that makes your eyes twinkle!

I recently got one of their fabulous Girl Talk Headbands and precious Frills hair elastics!

While I would probably get some looks by wearing a Hooray headband to class at Furman you can bet that I will be incorporating it into any event possible. Who doesn't love a visual exclamation all the time!

A bit more on the practical side of things are these precious no crease hair elastics that are bright enough to be noticed but calm enough to be worn on an everyday basis! I love the bright colors, sparkles, and patterns on these and have already put them to good use!

Who could deny a motto that says "Have Fun, OK?"

Definitely check out Shop Bando for inexpensive jaw dropping accessories that will surely make a statement!


  1. That "Hooray" headband is too cute! I want to get my hands on one!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. Love all of those items! I think I'm gonna have to get some!! xoxo

  3. Why haven't you been posting lately? Prep In Your Step is one of my favorite things about my day, and life isn't the same without it!! Come back and post some more!! xoxo


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