Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Preppy is Here to Stay!

My grandfather called me the other day and had me check out a video he had seen on bloomberg.com. All he told me was to look at an article entitled "Die, Preppy, Die!" and left it at that. To my pleasant surprise, the second part in the name of the article was "Never. Why?". 

The reason why it will never die is summed up by a few of everyones favorite preppy brands!

Watch the video here!

Reasons why as explained by video:

Why Preppy Will Never Die!

Thank you to my Grandfather for letting me know about this article and thanks to bloomberg.com for writing an article that justifies our preppy attire!


  1. such an awesome video! I love it!!!!!! Preppy is so timeless, I agree!

  2. I agree, preppy is so timeless. I am in love with your blog, it is one of my favorites and one of the reasons I just started a blog. It is so cute.

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