Monday, January 6, 2014

Good TV Series for a Lazy Day of Winter Break

While reading has been my main form of laziness this break, netflix often catches my attention and lures me into a good series to watch! I still have another week of my winter break and thought it would be fun to share with y'all some of my favorite TV Series for a lazy day of winter break!

TV Series for a Lazy Day

1. Gossip Girl
Any preppy girls favorite! Honestly I don't know very many people who dislike this series meaning it is a win win for all. All six seasons are on Netflix and I adore the plot as well as the clothes they wear!

2. Hart of Dixie
While some of the ideas are a bit exaggerated, I adore this show especially since it is locationally set in my hometown!  Definitely a fun show to catch up on and then watch current episodes on the CW.

3. Pretty Little Liars
I have read all of the books and feel obligated to watch how the show interprets the books! While some parts of this are kind of scary I love watching it and am excited for it to come back on and see what happens!

4. Friends
My roommate is obsessed with this show and got me to start watching it this semester. I have really enjoyed the episodes I've seen and can't wait to watch more!

5. The OC
While this show is old I love love love it. Seth Cohen is hysterical and it's fun to see what kind of trouble these OC teens get themselves into.

6. Modern Family
I dare you not to laugh out loud during these episodes. This is a show my whole family enjoys and is such a funny series!

What are your favorite TV Series that I would like?


  1. Love Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, but my mom just gave me the Friday Night Lights box set and I'm really excited to relax with that on some crummy afternoons!

  2. I love Hart of Dixie! That's so funny that it is set in your hometown! I have to catch up before I head back to school.

  3. Gossip Girl is the best thing ever and if you want a show that is kind of similar, try The Carrie Diaries! It has definitely been my go to show these past few weeks ;)

  4. Love me some Gossip Girl!! I'm a huuuuge fan of Scandal!! I also agree with another poster that Friday Night Lights is amazing!!

  5. Those are all really good shows! Lately I've been watching Scandal and House of Cards.

  6. Can you believe that in real life Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are engaged?!!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Gossip Girl! Definitely my favorite show!
    Also adore Gilmore Girls!!

  8. I absolutely adore Gossip Girl! I'm so sad that it's over, yet so glad that the final season is now on Netflix!
    Pretty Little Liars is another one of my favorites, and I'll have to start watching Modern Family; I've heard a lot about it!

  9. I love Gossip Girl! My roommates recently got addicted to it and it was always playing in our suite. It's awesome how they have all the seasons on Netflix!


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