Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back to Furman

I have mixed feelings about heading back to school today! I am nervous about some upcoming events and readjusting to new classes and schedules but I am excited about all of the opportunities that could come from these adjustments.


Regardless, I am on my way back to school for another exciting semester at Furman. One of my many favorite Christmas presents I received was this duffle bag from Marley Lilly. It is so spacious and was so nice to have to pack stuff in to head back! 

It vaguely reminds me of an LL Bean boat tote and I love the classic feel the navy and saddle color leather gives it!

Do you have mixed emotions about the begging of a new experience?


  1. Are you rushing this semester? I've met a few of the ADPi girls at Furman at past leadership conventions for ADPi (I'm an ADPi at Queens, which isn't too far from Furman!) and it's a great chapter. Let me know if you need a recommendation letter or anything. My childhood neighbor happens to be at Furman too in your class so maybe y'all will meet at rush or something! Have a great semester!

  2. That Tote is so cute! So is your outfit! I always love what you wear!


  3. Your new tote is sooo cute!! I love how classic the colors are. I hope you have a great semester!

  4. I love this outfit! Good luck with your second semester!

    Belle //

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