Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Prep In Your Step Is 2!

It is crazy to me to think that something that started as a creative outlet for me during my Junior Year of High School has come this far. I am so thankful for the growth and development that has occurred for not only my blog but also myself these past two years and I love sharing my ideas, inspirations, and life with each of you!

To celebrate, I decided to choose my favorite post from each month since I started to share and link below!

December 2011: My First Post (how could this not be chosen, I wouldn't be here now if my first post was never written)
January 2012: My School Uniform (the perfect excuse as to why OOTDs aren't always present on my blog)
February 2012: I Love Polyvore (well, because, who doesn't)
March 2012: Tie-Dyed Cookies (one of my few and far between baking posts, I love to bake but never think to do posts on that)
April 2012: DIY- Fancy Up Your Phone (still, to date, my most read post and the reason I gained followers quicker than normal, yes, the monogram iphone home button sticker was my original idea however I could kill myself for the photo quality in that post)
May 2012: The Frat Collection Giveaway (I still adore the frat collections clothing and loved that I was able to help spread the word about their site)
June 2012: Lifeguard Press (I still love the pictures from this post)
July 2012: Prep In Your Step Playlist No.1 ( loving some silly summer songs)
August 2012: Perfectly Preppy and Incredibly Organized (I will always love school supplies)
September 2012: The Polka Dot Swap (the first swap I ever hosted)
October 2012: Fall Study Essentials (at this point I had finally discovered how to use polyvore to my complete advantage and the rest is history)
November 2012: DIY- Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments (I still love the ornaments I made last year and can't wait to use them again this year, they made for awesome gifts)
December 2012: Exam Week Necessities (be looking out for another one of these soon, this one is still super accurate for me though)
January 2013: My Favorite iPad Apps (still loving all of these)
February 2013: Valentines Day Outfits (epitome of me, pajamas, soccer, pajamas)
March 2013: College Decision Week, I'm Going To... (loved the anticipation and guesses y'all made!)
April 2013: My Essie Favorites (all of these are still some of my favorites)
May 2013: Lilly Inspired Graduation Party (my graduation party is obvious one of my favorites and I can't help but love all of the pictures too)
June 2013: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Dilemma (because choosing just one Lilly print is far too difficult)
July 2013: I'm Back (my fav only because it was my only july post, but it is always good to be back)
August 2013: Dorm It Yourself - Fabric Covered Headboard (I am so proud of this diy and I adore the way it turned out)
September 2013: Full Dorm Tour (a rather popular and requested post and I love the way my dorm room turned out)
October 2013: My Library Look (worn all too frequently)
November 2013: Taking the Perfect Study Break (with all that library time, study breaks are so necessary)
December 2013: Farm + Flannel + Duck Boots (this was such a fun post to take photos for so it would have to be my favorite for this month so far)

I would love to hear what your favorite posts were and what you would like to see more of!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I am a sophomore in high school and just started my own blog! I absolutely love Furman I went and looked at it last year. What a beautiful school! I'm clicking follow right now!


  2. Congrats on 2 Years! I just made it to 6 months and I love blogging, you are such an inspiration! I discovered your blog this summer and, I was so excited to find out that you are a camp counselor. Camp is most definitely one of favorite places! Looking forward to more posts!

  3. So cute Dorothy! Congratulations! I have loved reading your blog posts and look forward to many more! :)


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