Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally Sweater Weather

Fall is probably one of my most favorite seasons because of the clothes! I love layering up and getting cozy so now that the weather is fully cooperating I couldn't be any more excited. One of my favorite combinations for class is:
jeans + boots + a sweater + either a vest, cute scarf, or fun necklace!

Below are some precious sweaters that I have seen online this fall!

Finally Sweater Weather

I am all about the patterned ones and think that you can never go wrong with stripes (according to my roommates history with spongebob "The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time")! I've also seen a lot of bow sweaters this fall, along with sweaters featuring elbow pads, and plenty of large chunky cable knit ones too!

There are all sorts of sites to find fun sweaters in any price range imaginable. One place that I definitely recommend checking is Target, they have had some really great sweaters recently (online at least, target isn't that close to school) I especially love the black and white zig zag one in the lower left hand corner!

Where do you like to find sweaters?
Which one is your favorite?


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