Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Pajama Dilemma (Help us Choose)

My roommate and I decided that it would be super fun to get matching Christmas pajamas! We both have brothers who are never too fond of the idea of wearing matching Christmas pajamas so what better way to enjoy this than with your roommate. The only problem of this awesome idea is that we are both VERY indecisive and there are LIMITED choices for adult christmas pajamas!

This is where you come into play! Leave us a comment below telling us which are your favorite and whichever pair of pajamas gets the most votes will be the ones we get!

Christmas Pajama Dilemma

Choice 1:
These two piece red and white polka dotted pajamas are super fun and classic and if these are the ones chosen we plan to get them monogrammed in a Christmas green on the pocket!

Choice 2:
Classic Hannah Anderson pajamas that either you or the kids you babysit for had as a child. Well, lucky enough for us they come in adult sizes!

Choice 3:
A bit of a more casual choice, the pants are from J.Crew and are a super fun Christmas plaid and we could easily pair them with a fun Christmas themed t-shirt like the Vineyard Vines one shown above!

Choice 4:
Traditional red, white, and green Christmas plaid. Perfect to sit around and drink hot chocolate in!

So now is your time to voice your opinion! We would love to know which you would choose!


  1. 1 with the green monogram!! can't go wrong!! :)

  2. I love the Vineyard Vines shirt with the plaid J.Crew pants!

  3. I agree, #1 with the monogram would be too cute!


  4. Choice 3...because I have those pants. and i love them.

  5. Where are the links for how we can buy these?? So cute!


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