Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Krass and Co Shorts + 20% Off Coupon

This semester at Furman, I am taking a Health and Wellness course that requires a class workout day twice a week. While I am good about getting dressed and ready to look presentable for class, those days I have no choice but to look sporty/athletic in workout attire.

Even when dressing for workouts, I attempt to look semi put together (read making sure my outfit matches) since I do have other classes on my workout days. Recently, I discovered the brand Krass and Co and applied to become a Brand Representative for their company. They accepted my application and I am now able to share an amazing discount code that will get you 20% off your purchase every time!

Use the code FURMAN20 whenever you check out from Krass and Co for 20% off of your purchase!

To start, Krass and Co is an American brand that makes preppy athletic shorts and tshirts!
 "Combining the perfect dose of class with an unmatched element of flash and athletic-style, these shorts are more than well-suited for any adventure you find yourself on."

Below I have made a graphic of a cute pairing of Krass and Co shorts with a Long Sleeve T-Shirt that would be perfect for working out, lounging, and everything in between!

Winter Warmth with Krass and Co

Here are examples of several of the precious shorts Krass and Co makes and don't be fooled, they make shorts for boys as well!

Krass and Co!

And, as a Brand Rep I got to see some of the fabulous new styles for Fall and Winter and they are ridiculously adorable! Not to mention, Krass and Co and College Prepster teamed up and made shorts that will be released very soon that I, of course, already preordered!

What do y'all think about Krass and Co?

If you ever decide to order something from the site be sure to use the promo/coupon code FURMAN20 to save yourself 20%!


  1. I have been dying to get my hands on these shorts!!! They are so fashionable. :)

  2. I tried to use the code and it said that the code is invalid!

  3. yes the coupon does not work for me either and I'm dying to purchase some shorts!


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