Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kate Spade + Keds {Sneaker Style}

{I don't actually refer to tennis shoes/ athletic shoes as sneakers but for clever names sake I did this time.}

Lately Kate Spade has been quite on point with all of their collaborations {swoozies + kate spade here}!

This is not the first time Kate Spade has paired up with keys, they did the same collaboration last year. While I am not the biggest fan of Keds, I think the fun patterns and prints make the shoes a whole lot cuter!
Kate Spade Keds
Personally I really like the gold or black polka dots best.

Here are the newest releases from the collaboration:

Kate Spade Keds

Imagine the trail of glitter left behind by the top corner shoes!

Here is an outfit idea I put together for inspiration!

Kate Spade Keds Outfit

Which ones are your favorite?


  1. I'm not a big Keds girl, but I want the ones with the gold polka dots! So cute!


  2. seriously loving the kate spade keds! I may just have to get myself a pair!

    Breckenridge Clare

  3. So cute! But I honestly don't think I would wear them


  4. Loving this years Kate Spade + Keds collection! So much cuter than last years!

    xx Ally


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