Thursday, October 31, 2013

Barn Party Attire + Photos

For starters, Happy Halloween!

So, this past weekend my friends and I decided to attend a party that everyone told us is one of the most fun parties of the year. After hearing that about it we were sold and decided it would be a fun way to spend our evening (considering I worked on a research paper all of Saturday).

The party was KA's barn party which was in fact a blast. It was a huge party in a field with a band, swing dancing, and more! The weather was quite chilly so choosing what to wear proved to be challenging. Traditionally every one goes the route of jeans, a flannel shirt, vests, and some kind of boots. Since it was so chilly we all worked around the attire in the best way we could!

We all had a blast and enjoyed lively music, swing dancing with friends, and the warmth of the fire. We are already determined that we shall bring individual zip locks for smores next year!

Here are the photos from the event:

My friends, knowing about my blog, insisted on a couple of individual shots so this is what they got, me laughing and all! At least it shows you what I wore...

| J.Crew Button Down | Ralph Lauren Navy Sweater | J.Crew Vest | Banana Republic Jeans | J.Crew Socks | L.L. Bean Boots | Cable Knit Infinity Scarf |

Y'all I have the cutest friends, loved dressing up and staying warm with them!

Nell and I decided that this is going to be our roommate christmas card photo!

Can you say dysfunctional?

Recognize anyone familiar? Maybe Prep Avenue?

I wish we had gotten a big group photo but the lighting was awkward and we were too busy swing dancing, or as I have discovered in South Carolina "Shagging."

Here was my original outfit idea before I checked the temperature!

Plaid and Duck Boots


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