Sunday, August 11, 2013

Excursion Vests Are Coming Back (even the herringbone one!)

I announced this on Instagram yesterday but I felt that this was important enough to share on here as well!

The lusted after Excursion Vests from J.Crew are coming back but this time at J. Crew Factory! This includes the lovely Herringbone vest!

J.Crew Factory Vest

All of the vests excluding the Herringbone one are available online at J.Crew Factory's website! If you are lusting over the herringbone one you should head to your factory store or call one in order to get one! (They can ship them) Rumor has it that online will only be getting 348 of each size online so call your store asap!

I hope that y'all are able to snag one of these awesome vests! I have a red one from last year and a herringbone one on the way that will be fall and winter staples!



  1. I am dying for the herringbone one! It's perfect!!



  2. I picked up one in navy at the outlets yesterday. The salesperson said that the herringbone vests flew off the shelves so quickly, they only had on in an XL left!

  3. AH! Love them!!

    XOXO- Lydia

  4. I had no idea the supply was so limited! I'm glad I was able to get my hands on an XS hunter green!

  5. Thanks for posting this information! I don't live anywhere near a J. Crew Factory so I guess I am going to have to call a store to order the herringbone vest.

  6. Hate that I missed out on the herringbone (again)! You said you have red. Is that "Cranberry Punch?" It looks more pink online.

  7. I was lucky enough to score one of the herringbone vests in my size! I was so bummed I didn't get one last year from retail, so I'm glad the factory store has so many great options now!

    I featured my vest recently on my blog--check it out!


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