Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emma Jules

With statement jewelry becoming increasingly popular, so is finding an affordable place to purchase it! Well, look no farther than Emma Jules on Etsy! Majority of their jewels are between $8-$17 which is super affordable!

Emma Jules

Above shows some of my favorite necklaces from Emma Jules and I love all of the different color options and designs offered! I think these could look cute dressed up or down and I know they will be the perfect accent to an outfit!

Majority of the jewelry on Emma Jules is inspired by some designer pieces but have their own flair! Because they are inspired by different companies, the price does not have to reflect the brand represented and you can purchase these pieces at a fraction of the price!

Also, the owner is so sweet and helpful and does her best to ship out items on the same day that they are purchased which is great customer service if you ask me!

Be sure to check out Emma Jules on etsy!

How do you like to wear statement necklaces?



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