Friday, May 24, 2013

Lilly Inspired Graduation Party - Event Photos

This post does not really need an introduction other than these are event photos from my Lilly Inspired Graduation Party which I posted details about on Wednesday! My Beach side blast was quite colorful and filled with fun and games!

Enjoy all of the fun photos of my friends and I, I had an absolute blast at the party and am excited to hear what you think!

The wonderful hostesses!

Happy Weekend!


And don't forget about the giveaway I posted yesterday!


  1. Your party looked so cute! I love your dress too!!

  2. So pretty! Love the beach setting too!


  3. How fun! What an adorable theme!

  4. Quite informative post on this graduation party. Last month, I arranged my cousin’s graduation party at one of the graceful Los Angeles venues. Invited all his friends and had excellent time there. It was a memorable party.


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