Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Real Prep In Your STEP: Spring and Summer Shoes

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at being clever with the title. Step, Shoes: It humored me!

Regardless of the pun, I thought it would be fun to share with y'all my idea of great shoes for Spring and Summer!

Spring and Summer Shoes


I love wearing sandals! They are super ideal to wear with shorts and skirts and they are also very convenient because you can just slip them on! I prefer sandals over pretty much any other type of shoe! My favorite sandals are my Jack Rogers. I have three different colored pairs and will wear them until they break! I also have a cute pair of Tory Burch sandals that I like but nothing compares to Jack Rogers!


Great as a dressier option, wedges are a great alternative to heels. Whenever I see wedges, I immediately think of spring and Easter. Cork wedges are especially cute since they are neutral but have a bit of flair!


Flats are another great Spring and Summer shoe option! I love bright colored flats and think they can add a great pop of color to any outfit! Tory Burch has lots of fun colored reva flats but they can be a tad bit pricey. Yosi Samra is a cheaper alternative with fun colored flats that fold up!


We all know that "April showers bring May flowers" so be ready to break out your rain boots this month! My favorites are Hunter Rainboots and they too come in a plethora of colors! 

If you could't tell, I love colorful shoes and hope you do too!

What are your favorite Spring and Summer Shoes?


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  1. I adore the wedges! I wish i wasn't so tall sometimes because wedges and heels are adorable but i feel like they make me into the Jolly Green Giant!

  2. I love those Tory Burch sandals. The Jack Rogers wedges are to die for as well!



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