Monday, April 15, 2013

Sadies Stitchery

Sadie's Stitchery is a precious new shop I have discovered on etsy! They offer adorable gifts that can be personalized ranging from napkins, jewelry, towels, accessories, and more! I love the wide range of monogram styles offered and how you can find gifts for everyone all in one place!

Recently, I received a large makeup bag from their shop that has yet to be released! Y'all are lucky enough to see it here first! It is a precious periwinkle and pink bag with my monogram in a matching pink color and it is quite large!

This makeup bag is awesome because not only does it hold basic toiletries, but it is also large enough to hold your hairbrush and your hair straightener! (I have a chi that fits perfectly so I'm sure many brands will fit). 

The outside is a sturdy canvas material that is strong enough to stand up on its on and easy to clean if anything leaks or spills! Another great feature is the thick waterproof lining on the inside! With handle on either side, you can easily grab and go with this great makeup bag!

I am so excited to pack for my next trip because now all of my toiletries can be conveniently in the same bag!

How do you pack your toiletries?



  1. I have been looking for a new make up bag! Will have to go check this store out!

    The Plaid Princess

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