Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Essie Favorites

Like many girls, I love to paint my nails! Lots of people have a favorite brand when it comes to nail polish and I am no exception! Essie is my go to for nail polish! Whether it be their cute bottle or fun color range, I am drawn to it whenever making a nail polish purchase!

I have quite the collection of nail polish so I thought that today it would be fun to share my favorites. Since Essie is my favorite then it makes sense that it makes up most of my collection and is therefore the one I am sharing with y'all!

Here are my Essie favorites!

essie favorites


Sand Tropez: The perfect sandy nude!
Sugar Daddy: A very pale pink that takes quite a few coats to build up the color. On the nails it is a your nail color but better kind of color!
Eternal Optimist: A more peachy nude. When wearing this color it is a bit more noticeable than the other two in this category but is a great color for formal events when you want a touch of color that looks good with other colors!


Peach Daiquiri: A bright neonish pink that is comes off as a hot pink with slight orange undertone.
Secret Story: A very Barbie pink!
Off the Shoulder: A great middle ground pink! One of my favorite summer colors.
Tart Deco: A coral pink meets orange! This color looks great with a tan!


Bikini So Teeny: This is probably the only nail polish color I will ever have to repurchase because it runs out. This blue is a light periwinkle type color and is such a fun summer statement color.
Play Date: This purple color is a little intimidating in the bottle but comes off less bright on the nail. 
Where's My Chauffeur: A bright turquoise great for when you want your nails to pop.
Butler Please: This is a fun color that can work year round! A very creamy royal blue!
Absolutely Shore: This is included with brights however it isn't very bright. To me, this is the perfect mint green color and takes a couple of coats to build up the color!

I would love to hear what your favorite nail polish colors are!!



  1. Love it!!
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