Friday, March 29, 2013

Packing the Perfect Prom Night Purse/Clutch

My schools prom is tonight! There are so many things to accomplish when preparing for prom including packing a bag to bring with you to the dance and dinner! Below I have included some easily forgotten necessities that will keep you looking and feeling your best on prom night. I did not include a prone, prom tickets, or keys/money because those are things I know y'all won't forget!

Prom Night Bag

Here is what will be in my clutch! 
Take into account the size of your clutch before deciding what to bring!


Deodorant: Be sure to get the clear type so you don't ruin your dress!

Comb: A brush is a little to large to fit into a clutch so I am taking a comb in case I need to touch up my hair for pictures.

Fashion Tape: This will become your best friend if you need anything to stay in place all night!

Concealer: Perfect if you need a potential touch up during the night!

Hairspray: If you have your hair in some sort of undo and want to ensure that it stays that way then hairspray will be the perfect addition to your bag.

Bandaids: Perfect in case your shoes give you blisters!

Hairties: If your hair is down and you decide to dance a lot then you may get hot and decide you want it up!

Gum/Mints: Mints are a better option than gum so you won't be smacking it all night but both are great to freshen your breath.

Lip Gloss and Lip Stick: Ideal for an after dinner touch up.

Bobby Pins: Great incase you notice some hair out of place. Easy to secure and your friends will thank you if they happen to need one!

Fortunately, the moms put a lot of these things in the girls bathroom expecting the girls to need touch ups during the night but it is great to bring your own just in case!

Happy Prom Night.



  1. Have fun! Also thanks for haring these great tips!


  2. You will look fabulous tonight!

  3. Some really good ideas, would never have though to bring hair ties.
    Hope you had a great prom

  4. These are awesome ideas! Bandaids are a must with any outfit that includes heels :)

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