Monday, March 11, 2013

Liebster Award

For starters thank you so much to Hannah from the Pink and Green Prep and Royar from My Life as a Young Southern Prep for nominating me! Definitely check out their blogs, they are around the same age as me and both are super sweet girls!

What the Liebster Award is: "Liebster" is a German word meaning kind, sweet, or generous.
  • Once nominated by another blogger, the blogger has to answer a set of questions asked to them by the person who nominated them, and then pass it on to other blogs they think would deserve the award if they chose to do so!
  • List 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions asked to you, write your own 11 questions, and nominate 11 other up and coming blogs.
  • Also in the post, you should thank whoever nominated you and attach a link of their blog, out of courtesy.
  • It is a great way to acknowledge other awesome blogs and bloggers and to get to know fellow bloggers better!

11 Facts about Me:

11 Facts

1. I think Ugg or Minnetonka slippers look like the most comfortable slippers ever and I wouldn't mind a pair before heading to college!
2. If I could I would eat pasta and pancakes for the rest of my life!
3. I gave up soft drinks and Target for Lent.
4. Pinterest is my favorite means of procrastination.
5. I have done far too much online shopping recently.
6. I will be spending around 16 hours this week playing soccer.
7. I really want to start purchasing stuff for my dorm room however, I do not find out who my roommate is until the middle of July so if we want anything to be coordinated I have to wait until then.And it will really stink if my roommate doesn't want to coordinate and then I will have waited all that time for nothing. What do y'all think I should do? Get started or wait?
8. I really want June to be here because then I will finally be able to upgrade from my iPhone 3  which has begun to quit working and hopefully get the five. My brother has stolen my past two updates meaning I have had the same phone for 4 years!
9. I really want the Lilly Pulitzer Sandrine Dress in Resort White Pop for my graduation party! The print is just so fitting! Size 2 please!
10. I can not wait to head to Furman for accepted students day on April 6th!
11. I want my hair to look similar to this for prom however, I have no idea how to make it look that way and I don't want to go and get it done!

Questions for Me from The Pink and Green Prep:

(1) What's your favorite vacation destination? I love the beach so anywhere near water!
(2) Coke or Pepsi? I am one of those strange people who doesn't really have a preference that is probably because I don't drink plain Coke or plain Pepsi, I think the diet of both kind is good!
(3) Favorite childhood TV show? I loved Rugrats!
(4) What's your pump-up song? Pandora's Starships (Nikki Manaj) radio is the best!
(5) What's your favorite accessory you own? My David Yurman bracelet and my monogrammed necklace!
(6) What's your guilty pleasure? I love watching movies or TV shows so lounging around and watching those all day is such a treat!
(7) What's your pet peeve? I hate when people smack and I also hate when people aren't themselves and instead copy other people.
(8) City or country? I guess country but vacationing to cities is great! 
(9) What's your favorite monogram style? I love the classic interlocking script monogram!
(10) What is your go-to drink at Starbucks? I don't have a classic because I like all of their frappuccinos and alternate through them!
(11) What are you most excited about for spring? Graduation, Graduation Parties, Spring Break, Shorts and Sandals, Pool and Beach time, and enjoying these last moments of high school!

Questions for Me from My Life As A Young Southern Prep:

(1) One exciting thing you're doing this summer? Working at camp!
(2) Favorite item of clothing? Anything Lilly!
(3) Carbs or sweets? Sweets, definitely.
(4) Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
(5) Sweatshirt or sweatpants? Sweatshirt.
(6) Favorite month? I really like July and December!
(7) Favorite blog post to write? I love posts like this as well as advice and idea posts.
(8) Favorite form of social media? Pinterest! 

(9) Favorite subject in school? French and History.
(10) Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction!
(11) Baseball or golf/lacrosse? I am not really a fan of any of those sports but if I HAD to choose I would say Baseball!

I Nominate:
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Questions for Them:

(1) What is your ideal Spring Break vacation spot?
(2) What is your favorite online boutique?
(3) If you could have any type of dog what type would it be?
(4) Hot coffee or cold coffee?
(5) Jeans or dresses?
(6) Would you rather wear your hair straight or curly?
(7) If you were a boy what was your name going to be?
(8) Favorite color combination?
(9) What is your favorite part of blogging?
(10) If you were heading to college, what color would your comforter be? (I need y'alls help!)
(11) Favorite Blog Post you've written?

This post successfully took me and hour and a half to write, hope you enjoy!



  1. Hi there! I love your blog and just wanted to say that I think you're awesome. My two cents on dorm room coordination: I think you should go for whatever bedspread you like--just pick something colorful enough so that it will mesh with your roommate's style. I couldn't wait to buy stuff for college and debated coordinating with my (then unknown) roommate, but a good friend of mine pointed out that you never know what someone else's financial situation is, and it would stink to put her/you in an awkward situation if she doesn't want to invest in dorm room bedding or if you guys can't agree on your favorite pattern or if she already is set on a particular style. You could always start shopping and keep the receipts just in case you decide to coordinate or if you change your mind (I know I did--twice--on the bedspread). Definitely wait on the big purchases (fridges, TVs) until you talk to your roommate. Once you are able to completely choose your roommate(s) after freshman year, it makes it so much easier to coordinate (and you still have three years to do so!)

    1. Thank you so much! Your ideas are super helpful and it reassures me that it is ok to go ahead and start shopping!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me, Dorothy! You're so sweet. However, I was just nominated for the Liebster Award, so I just did a post on it! Therefore, I'm going to have to pass on doing another post. But thank you again for nominating me! I really appreciate it :-)


    1. No worries, hopefully it will still direct some friends your way! I can't wait to look at the one you've already done!

  3. thank you for nominating me girly :)
    I'm going to post my answers later today!

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me! It means the world to me!
    It'll definitely be up later this week!


    P.S. I really like Nicki Minaj for pump-up music as well! I always have her songs on replay right before a cross country/swim race!

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