Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Outfits

I am sure you will be seeing plenty of Valentines themed posts today and this post is no exception! I am going to share with y'all the outfits I will be wearing today! I hope each and everyone of you has a fantastic Valentines Day regardless of your plans!

For starters, Pajamas! Valentines Day started when I woke up this morning and this was what I was sporting! Some comfy pajama pants, long-sleeved t-shirt, socks, and a pony tail!

Valentines Day Outfit #1

My next outfit is my soccer uniform. I am on Mardi Gras break right now so my soccer practice was from 11-12:45. Fortunately our soccer practice uniforms are a whole lot cuter than the uniform listed below!

Valentines Day Outfit #2

And last but not least I will be showering and hoping back into some comfy PJs since I do not have any plans for the evening. Deja Vu of the first outfit but definitely more in the Valentines Day spirit!
Valentines Day Outfit #3

Do you have any fun plans? What will you be wearing?

Happy Valentines Day!

Love: dWa


  1. Cute outfits!! Happy Valentines Day!


  2. Pamper yourself on valentine's day and have some fun this weekend!

  3. Love outfit number three - comfort and cuteness are definitely a girls best friend, forget diamonds ;)
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