Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Spiel: Mardi Gras

Pardon the awkwardness and my rambling in this video but enjoy the mardi gras fun facts!

Also, I wish there was a way I could choose what image comes up as the thumbnail!



  1. You should do a vlog room tour! That would be really cool ;)

  2. You should do a college sunday spiel and talk about where you are going and where you applied, etc.
    You could also do a closet tour! That would be exciting!

    I really like these and I hope you keep doing them!


  3. I'm from New Orleans!!! We get a week off, too!

  4. I just got around to watching this a week late! I love it. Such a cute video - I have been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and it is definitely crazy but so much fun! Even if you don't go at Mardi Gras time, you have to go there at some point. Hope your break was great!

  5. oh my gosh girl! i just found your blog and was browsing through it and saw it said you from Alabama and then I realized you were talking about the whole week off for Mardi Gras, so I figured you had to be from around Mobile. After watching your video you mentioned you live across the bay! what a small world I went to Spring Hill College over in Mobile while I was in college. What a small world! love your blog!.


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