Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I hope you all had a terrific Fat Tuesday, I know I did. The real reason we have Fat Tuesday though is because it is a day of feasting before the first day of Lent (today) which starts a time of fasting! Whether you are giving something up or taking something on, I always find it interesting to hear what other people are doing as their Lent resolution.

The past couple of years we have done a family commitment.
We had Meatless Mondays, Wheatless Wednesdays, and Fish Fridays. This commitment has always been a challenge especially with hectic schedules so we committed to it for dinners only. Not only did it cause us to come up with more creative meal choices but it was also a great way to come up with our own recipes.

I am unsure if we are doing that same "resolution" this year but personally instead of giving something up, I've decided to add something to my schedule. I really want to focus on spending more time in the word. I am choosing to make it a priority to read Jesus Calling daily as well as the Bible. I know this is something that I should be doing already but so often I am already doing so much already that I forget!

I would love to hear of some other Lent resolutions of sorts so that I can think about adding them to my list as well!



  1. That is a great idea!! This year, I'm trying to avoid spending all of my hard-earned money (mostly on clothes)...So during the 40 days of Lent, I am saving every dime that I earn (babysitting)!! It will be tough but rewarding!!
    love, Newport Jules

  2. I am giving up swearing, because I feel like though I don't curse like a sailor I let things slip sometimes. Also I am taking up reading a verse from the Bible every night before bed. :)

  3. I am giving up chips and dessert! It's going to be a hard forty day!

  4. This sounds wonderful! I need to keep Him present more in my life. I hope you're having a wonderful week!

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