Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Sassy Coconut

If you know me at all then you probably know that I would prefer to be in a comfy oversized tshirt with my hair in a ponytail than all dressed up! However, when I wear t-shirts I prefer for them to look decent and cute and The Sassy Coconut on Etsy has such a fun monogrammed t-shirt that fits this bill! I have plenty of monogrammed shirts but my excuse is that this one is very different, the monogram is Vinyl. I love the shiny look and the fact that there is no bulge from the thread since there is no thread!

Another fun and unique item that The Sassy Coconut sells is the monogrammed headbands pictured below! I not only love these to use when I need to pull my hair back for sports but they are also great to keep your hair back when brushing your teeth or even sleeping! There are tons of ways to customize these and they adorably come in many different colors!

Another fun product sold at The Sassy Coconut is the iPhone decal. I really like the look of the decals and how they don't completely cover your entire cover but still makes your charger recognizable!

Do you prefer vinyl or thread monogrammed shirts?


  1. I just ordered my own vinyl headband!!


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