Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keep Calm and Stitch On

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I love to be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up and looking cute also but you better believe that when I get home I am going to immediately change into nike shorts and a t-shirt. While some people may think that is boring and far from cute lately I have found fun ways to make it look like you put more effort into your comfy casual clothes. Knowing me you probably all now what I am going to say next but regardless, Monogram It! How could anyone go wrong with monogrammed nike shorts or a monogrammed tshirt and fortunately I have a new favorite etsy shop that sells both! Keep Calm and Stitch On is an adorable shop that sells a variety of different monogrammed products!

I probably own close to 20 pairs of nike shorts and this monogrammed pair is by far my favorite! Whether I am working out or doing homework this pair is a great way to appear as though I put effort into my casual clothes with no effort at all! I love that Amanda, the owner of Keep Calm and Stitch On, uses real Nike shorts as opposed to look a likes because you know the quality will be up to par! She offers a variety of colors to choose from and matches the monogram to the shorts!

Another item I love from her shop is her monogrammed pocket t-shirts! The shirt I own is navy with a green seersuckerer pocket! The simple, fully functional, pocket adds something special to an otherwise plain shirt! The pocket is hand sewn onto the shirt and Amanda offers tons of different fabric choices! You can't go wrong with any of the combinations available!

What is your favorite way to spruce up a casual outfit?



  1. I love wearing oufits like that too, especially in the summer time with some pearls and you are good to go!


  2. For Christmas my mom had a bunch of my nike shorts monogrammed and then she wrapped them up ;) haha you can never have to many monograms!

    Abi Jane

  3. LOVE the shorts!!!

  4. Pocket tees and nikes are my go to comfy outfits when its warm outside! In the winter I'll wear a pocket tee with yoga pants! I love your monogram tee!

  5. If it isn't moving, monogram it!


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