Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Ipsy Bag

A few days ago I received a package in the mail and was so excited to open it! When I saw the pink paced envelope I figured it was my Ipsy bag, a monthly beauty related subscription service! As most of y'all know, I LOVE Pop Sugar so I decided to branch out and try another subscription service and Ipsy was the one I chose! For $10 a month you receive a bag filled with deluxe sized samples (the samples are very large and I received a few full sized items).

I am excited to share with y'all what I received!

January Ipsy Bag

All of the products were inside a small makeup bag and sadly the bag disappointed me. While the bag is not exactly the same as the one above, it is just as boring! The bag itself was black nylon and pretty generic but the contents were far from that!

1) Josie Marin Argan Oil: I like this and it has tons of uses. On the box it talked about how it could be used for your hair, cuticles, blemishes, etc! I feel like this product is very versatile and was a decent size for a sample!

2) Nailtini Nail Lacquer: I had never heard of this brand until I received my bag. I love the color I received and this nail polish has a smooth consistency and a large brush! This is a full sized nail polish that retails for about $15 which already exceeds the cost of the bag.

3) Big Sexy Hair Hairspray: I actually have another mini bottle of this and I really like the way it works! I don't use hairspray that often so I love the small and convenient size of this packaging!

4) SOHO Concealer Brush: The bristles of this brush are super soft and I love the way that the brush fits perfectly around my fingers. It is designed to have grooves that fit your fingers so that you can easily control it! From what I can tell this is an awesome makeup brush brand!

5) Pacifica Lotion: This lotion is my favorite thing in the entire bag! It is so hydrating without leaving your hands oily! I have been putting it on right before I go to bed and it seems to be keeping my hands hydrated during these colder months. The smell is awesome too and this is a very large sample bottle that will surely last me a while!

Have you ever received an Ipsy bag?
What are your favorite subscription services?



  1. I love, love, love Big Sexy Hair hairspray. It is all my mom and I use, haha. That's a really cute subscription, aside from the disappointing bag. I may have to try it out! (:

    xo, Taylor

  2. I used to absolutely swear by that brand of argan oil. It worked wonders for my hair in the winter and although I was skeptical at first, it worked wonders for my skin too. I'm tempted to try this subscription service!

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