Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

As I announced last Friday, I have decided to create a new series on my blog called Fun Fat Friday! I am so excited to begin this and would be more than happy if other people chose to as well! This is a fun and easy way to allow my readers to learn a little bit more about me each week! These fun facts can be about absolutely anything and I think that is what makes them so fun!

So without further adieu let's begin

Fun Fact Friday

I have an intense fear of lizards. I tend to squeal when I see them and refuse to open one of our outside storage containers because I am sure that lots of lizards are in there! I do not know what triggered this fear but you can bet that when I see a lizard I act like Meredith (the step mother to be) in the Lindsey Lohan Parent Trap when she sees a lizard!

If you choose to participate in Fun Fact Friday feel free to use the button above and link your blog address in the down bar and I will add it to the post!



  1. :)LOL very funny and a perfect fun fact for friiday!!

  2. I have the exact same fear with spiders!!


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