Sunday, December 23, 2012

Popsugar December Box

I am so excited to share with y'all what I received in my December Pop Sugar box! I got it a little over a week ago and didn't want to spoil the contents for anyone who had yet to receive theirs. I am very glad I subscribed and can not wait to see what other goodies will arrive in the months to come! I have a post all about the pop sugar must have box here but basically it is a monthly subscription service that costs $35 a month and its contents will have a value of over $100. Unlike some monthly subscription boxes, this box is a lifestyle box containing products for various aspects of your life!

So without further adieu here are the contents of the December Popsugar Must Have box!

This is what the package looks like coming straight out of the mail box!

Here is what I saw when I opened up the pretty pink tissue paper! And at this point I had already taken out the fancy bar of soap they included and put it in my shower so it is not included in pictures.

The first thing I saw were these super cool double wall thermo-glass mugs! How cute would these look with a vinyl monogram decal, yes please! I drink lots of coffee and hot chocolate so these were right up my ally! I immediately went and put these with the stack of other items that will head with me to college next year!

After I took the mugs out this was my view! Lots of goodies to explore and try!

This tea sampler from tea forte made the whole box smell wonderful! I am not a huge tea drinker but I have an aunt who is and this is wrapped under the tree with her name on it!

Y'all are lucky I got a picture of these bad boys. Holy cow, they are so yummy. I have had these before but it has been a while and they were just as goof as I remembered. Dark chocolate covered peppermint sticks are hard to beat! These are also super cute to be used as hot chocolate stirrers, do you spy a theme because I sure do!

Go Swype included an electronic screen cleaner. And we also received a coupon code for Rent the Runway. While I have never tried Rent The Runway, I think it is an awesome idea and was not complaining about the $35 voucher!

This last thing was my favorite thing in the box! This is a minimergency kit for her and contains anything and everything you could ever need from your purse! It comes in a precious little bag (mine was taupe, some people had purple) with a wish bone zipper. Anything and everything from nail polish, hair spray, earring backs, advil, deodorant, and lip balm, it is a well stocked little pouch!

Are you convinced enough to try?
If you do decide to try it out use the code REFER5 to get $5 off!

If I wasn't already subscribed I would have given this to myself as a christmas present that keeps giving! You can also sign up to give these as gifts, if you don't know what to get someone and don't want to give them a gift card then sign them up for PopSugar!


PS. It looks like if you sign up now you are eligible to receive the January box.


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